HPC Spot User Documentation


Pre-Installed Code Usage:

Command-line use case:

Building your own Code


You can use HPC Spot either through your web browser or from a terminal. With your web browser, you may :

Billing, Accounting and Limits

Custom usage

If you don’t wish to use predefined applications and launch scripts, you can use customized scripts and applications:


  • To connect from a terminal to HPC Spot, you will use ssh. You may either use a login/password that was provided to you, or private key / public key pair. `Details on the generation of such a key pair and the configuration of HPC Spot with it are given in the [authentication section(Users/Authentication/Authentication).

  • Password Management
  • Permissions

Compute Resources

There is multiple compute resources available on HPC Spot:

Data Management


You can use any of the provided Applications, Compilers, MPI or Libraries via Modules, but you can also install your own applications or modules inside your own Home directory.

Dedicated Clusters

If you have a dedicated cluster a lot of the instructions of the shared HPC Spot cluster can be used in the same way on the dedicated cluster. You will find information specifics to the dedicated cluster on the Cluster pages.


If you need help, send an email to our support team.